Pump, Spray, Squeeze or Dip?

Pump, Spray, Squeeze or Dip?

I just bought my second 38 oz bottle of Olay Body Wash because it has a pump dispenser so I don’t have to pick it up. Have you ever bought a product just because you liked the container it came in? Easy to grip, easy to use? I have less hand strength now so these things are important to me. Picking up a bottle, uncapping it, turning it on end, squeezing it into one hand while holding it with the other, especially if my hands are wet? Dropping it my foot? Not the way I want to start my day.

I favor tootOlay Body Washhpaste that has a flip-top, preferably one of the fat ones that allows the tube to stand on end. Even though it’s a large bottle, the Dawn I buy is the one with a handle – easier to lift. I’ve given up my favorite daily moisturizer (Olay) in favor of one I get at Trader Joe’s because of the pump bottle. Forget dipping my fingers into a jar of face cream! Not interested.

Do you suppose manufacturers think about such things or do they design for form over function? It’s the little things.

Giant Economy Size

Post Toasties

This was not a good idea. I should know by now that buying in quantity is, for me, a recipe for disaster. Because I forget what I have and where I put it. Right now I have a LOT of toilet tissue. So much that I had to store some of it in the garage. And I’m probably the only one who can lose stuff in the freezer. Seriously, who does that? The person who has several partial bags of frozen biscuits – that’s who.

This is one of those “adjustment” issues where I need to come to terms with my limitations. In this case, memory. Starting today (or tomorrow or the next day) I promise I will only buy what I need and when I run out I will buy some more. I live less than a mile from three major supermarkets. Less than two miles from a Sam’s Club and a Walmart. Less than three miles from Sprouts (my favorite). I could walk to any of them. I won’t, but I could. And less than four miles from not one but two Trader Joe’s.

I also have jugs of fabric softener that are too heavy for me to lift. More fish sticks than a grade school cafeteria. (They were on sale – don’t judge.) Four different kinds of frozen fruit – strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and bananas. Big bags! (Household hint – always peel the bananas before freezing. Just trust me on this one.)

I’m not that busy. I can go to the market every day if I want to. I’m probably not saving money. The few cents I saved on the Giant Economy Size bag of frozen biscuits was offset by the fresh produce I threw out because it went bad before we could eat it all. A bag of two bunches of celery is just not practical and I never use up all the mushrooms in one of those little boxes.

Something I’m getting really good at, though, is making a shopping list and sticking to it. Now if I can just train myself to put something on the list when I am really and truly out of it. Not when I am “almost” out.

By the way, a bag of frozen biscuits and a toaster oven are game changers! And another thing, having extra toilet tissue is never all that bad.

The Buddy System

Kay Laurell
Kay Laurell. [1922] Image. Retrieved from the Library of Congress.

Everybody needs a buddy. Maybe a spouse but more likely it’s your BFF, your Best Friend Forever. A Best Friend who will tell you things nobody else will. Things like, “There’s a 2-inch hair growing out of your left ear.” It’s important to know these things. Or just tuck the tag in the back of your blouse without saying anything.

To me the greatest treasure one can have is a dear friend. Most of us have several friends, maybe a lot of friends. But usually only one or two truly dear friends – the ones you can count on anytime, any place for anything.